Sovereign Wealth Fund

  • The Atom's interest is about a Century old,
  • its carbon imprint is needed again,
  • and its grown up mow.
  • Today, we have cellular work to do.
  • Fission saved America as a nation.
  • Fussion is a different process or interest.
  • With age, it's time to make it work.
  • The third generation Atom's use is here.
  • It's construction shall provide work.
  • There is a possible ancillary benefit and
  • it's a maybe, and
  • it's green.


Highrise buildings, commercial plants, and homes are the bell weather of a growing national economy. Alternaative energy plants from capital, tools, and management: geothermal, wind, coal, and nuclear are visual symbols of growth. Energy construction has a following wake of jobs and paychecks between America's Eastern and Western surf.


First existing plants hire, but they won't hire as many as have lost jobs, with the highest earner's going first and not returning. New products require new locations to labor for new higher incomes. Then, when earnings turn into cash at the register sales begin to gain momentum . And, that's a good thing.

The intent herein is to ensure only the pursuance of the Constitution's executory phrasing.

B.A. M.A. J.D.
Public Policy Project
October 17, 2015
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