Independent Government Organization

Project Socrates was a 1980's Federal program about ecomomics in America. "The conclusions that the Socrates team derived about competitiveness in general and about the U.S. in particular were in almost all cases in direct opposition to what the professors, economists and consultants had been saying for years, and to what had been accepted as irrefutable underlying truths by decision-makers throughout the U.S" (Wikipedia)". In April 1990, the program was defunded.

The EXIM Bank was recently defunded—again. The bank was unchartered.

A Common Law Organization has engaged America's unjust law. The organization (Public Policy Project) claimed title to the Bank.

An opportunity to perform within the law to exercise standing within the Common Law (centuries old, Blackstone"s Commentaries) presented itself in current events. The question presented was, "Should a vulnerable agency be acquired; or should I continue to wait to get the government's attention?"

The answer is, "Don't wait." They owe money and they have not paid. Nonfeasance is not a defense for the Bank.

The purpose of a default (LAPSED?) bank is to create jobs; the purpose when I responded to the Stimulus Bill was to create jobs. Middle Class jobs are in short supply.

With legal standing I filed an Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition about the EXIM Bank. The Petition protects the bank with a Stay of Execution or acts as a Status Quo on the banks business.


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