Sovereignty - Hierarchy

Nations have a symbiotic dependency on their inhabitants' conduct. As they gather and live closer together, disputes arise. They require a decision, and then a rule is accepted, and their conduct is ordered.

Human nature allows paying one to remember the rules and telling others of allowed conduct. All people are sovereign individuals. A group pledges their sovereignty to a ruler and form a top down hierarchy of authority.

The ruler of a nation, on the authority given, enforces conduct both within the nation and with other nations. Making demands on people invokes the dependency pledged as a force owed the ruler for success of control and the result further reinforces the ruler's control.

The United States of America's Constitution is a proclamation sustaining growth and control by a sovereign account based upon a single Constitution's authority.

Project Socrates was a 1980's Federal program about ecomomics in America. "The conclusions that the Socrates team derived about competitiveness in general and about the U.S. in particular were in almost all cases in direct opposition to what the professors, economists and consultants had been saying for years, and to what had been accepted as irrefutable underlying truths by decision-makers throughout the U.S" (Wikipedia)". In April 1990, the program was defunded.


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