A.R.R.A. of 2009 began—breach

  • Organizations under this Act were formed,
  • Other economic activities were engaged: some good, some bad, and some failed.
  • The Act is still performing various functions.
  • A duty to perform was offered through the Act and 21phoenix opened a chartered LLC to start performance.
  • After considerable research and data compilation a breach was anticipated,
  • and to secure the Blessings of Liberty,
  • to ourselves, and our Posterity,
  • do ordain,
  • and call on this Constitution for Justice.


The Preamble is a topical list that begins the written Constitutional document. It contains desirable, general Humanitarian conditions for this Nation's citizens of the several States. When a law is passed that deprives a citizen some of the basic considerations; it must be considered an injustice. The wrongs are to be remedied. The conditions framed within the below hidden threads of facts.


Constitutional performance began with its' Ratification.

Centuries ago, the Gutenberg Press replaced the scribe in writing the Christian Bible.

Tracing learning has a long history: the storyteller, marking on a cave wall, and then ink in a pen.

Chiping rocks and letters grew into an alphabet—twenty-six letters—replaced by electric 0's & 1's.

A war shell trajectory: room with hand swicthed 0's & 1's propelled a rocket into science.

The intent herein is to ensure only the pursuance of the Constitution's executory phrasing.


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