Time is of the essense

  • Soon after the New Millennium began, the "boiler room" oprned, plus loose cannons fired millions at the "new public law." However, between the shots an applicant urgently responded and organized a plan.


  • The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed on February 17, 2009.
  • "Quick Start Activities (120 days)" would be given preference (Title XVI §1602).
  • Inauguration Day for an Article V Convention was completed and delivered.


  • An Application was delivered to Congress for funds on May 4, 2009 .
  • There wasn't one response from individual notices provided for urgent funding.
  • However, a constitutional authority for reformation lives in the people.


  • An Ordination of United States rights to modify any injustice at Common Law.
  • Focus herein of that view has caused a Letters Patent to render justice.
  • A social right to assemble and change in lieu of harsh jurisprudence.
  • The Letters Patent has Common Law authority including a Commonwealth Forum.
  • A Bankruptcy Petition and Stay of Execution was filed against the EXIM Bank.
  • The Stay orders a stop in a "Lapse leap" in website logic and a "Fast Tract" variable date change in a published United States Code.

Redress Plus Punitive Damages

  • Earned $4.700,000.00 and cost of money spent for delayed funding.

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